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Transport plugins available out of the box. More...

Collaboration diagram for Transports:


 Transport API
 Transport API (aka, how to write your own transport plugin)


file  janus_http.c
 Janus RESTs transport plugin.
file  janus_mqtt.c
 Janus MQTT transport plugin.
file  janus_nanomsg.c
 Janus Nanomsg transport plugin.
file  janus_pfunix.c
 Janus Unix Sockets transport plugin.
file  janus_rabbitmq.c
 Janus RabbitMQ transport plugin.
file  janus_websockets.c
 Janus WebSockets transport plugin.

Detailed Description

Transport plugins available out of the box.

In order to showcase how different transport plugins can implement support for the Janus API over different transport protocols, a few plugin implementations are provided out of the box. The API for writing a new plugin is specified in the Transport API section.