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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
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 apierror.hJanus API errors definition
 auth.cRequests authentication
 auth.hRequests authentication (headers)
 config.cConfiguration files parsing
 config.hConfiguration files parsing (headers)
 debug.hLogging and Debugging
 dtls-bio.hOpenSSL BIO agent writer
 dtls.cDTLS/SRTP processing
 dtls.hDTLS/SRTP processing (headers)
 events.cEvent handler notifications
 events.hEvent handler notifications (headers)
 ice.cICE/STUN/TURN processing
 ice.hICE/STUN/TURN processing (headers)
 ip-utils.cIP address related utility functions
 ip-utils.hIP address related utility functions (headers)
 janus-cfgconv.cSimple utility to convert Janus .cfg files to .jcfg and viceversa
 janus.cJanus core
 janus.hJanus core (headers)
 log.cBuffered logging
 log.hBuffered logging (headers)
 mutex.hSemaphors, Mutexes and Conditions
 record.hAudio/Video recorder
 refcount.hReference counter mechanism
 rtcp.cRTCP processing
 rtcp.hRTCP processing (headers)
 rtp.cRTP processing
 rtp.hRTP processing (headers)
 rtpsrtp.hSRTP definitions (headers)
 sctp.cSCTP processing for data channels
 sctp.hSCTP processing for data channels (headers)
 sdp-utils.cSDP utilities
 sdp-utils.hSDP utilities (headers)
 sdp.cSDP processing
 sdp.hSDP processing (headers)
 text2pcap.cDumping of RTP/RTCP packets to text2pcap or pcap format
 text2pcap.hDumping of RTP/RTCP packets to text2pcap or pcap format (headers)
 utils.cUtilities and helpers
 utils.hTURN REST API client
 version.hJanus GitHub versioning (headers)