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janus_sampleevh.c File Reference

Janus SampleEventHandler plugin. More...

#include "eventhandler.h"
#include <math.h>
#include <curl/curl.h>
#include "../debug.h"
#include "../config.h"
#include "../mutex.h"
#include "../utils.h"
#include "../events.h"
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#define JANUS_SAMPLEEVH_DESCRIPTION   "This is a trivial sample event handler plugin for Janus, which forwards events via HTTP POST."
#define JANUS_SAMPLEEVH_NAME   "JANUS SampleEventHandler plugin"
#define JANUS_SAMPLEEVH_AUTHOR   "Meetecho s.r.l."
#define JANUS_SAMPLEEVH_PACKAGE   "janus.eventhandler.sampleevh"


janus_eventhandlercreate (void)
int janus_sampleevh_init (const char *config_path)
void janus_sampleevh_destroy (void)
int janus_sampleevh_get_api_compatibility (void)
int janus_sampleevh_get_version (void)
const char * janus_sampleevh_get_version_string (void)
const char * janus_sampleevh_get_description (void)
const char * janus_sampleevh_get_name (void)
const char * janus_sampleevh_get_author (void)
const char * janus_sampleevh_get_package (void)
void janus_sampleevh_incoming_event (json_t *event)
json_tjanus_sampleevh_handle_request (json_t *request)

Detailed Description

Janus SampleEventHandler plugin.

Lorenzo Miniero

This is a trivial event handler plugin for Janus, which is only there to showcase how you can handle an event coming from the Janus core or one of the plugins. This specific plugin forwards every event it receives to a web server via an HTTP POST request, using libcurl.

Event handlers documentation

Macro Definition Documentation


#define JANUS_SAMPLEEVH_AUTHOR   "Meetecho s.r.l."


#define JANUS_SAMPLEEVH_DESCRIPTION   "This is a trivial sample event handler plugin for Janus, which forwards events via HTTP POST."










#define JANUS_SAMPLEEVH_NAME   "JANUS SampleEventHandler plugin"


#define JANUS_SAMPLEEVH_PACKAGE   "janus.eventhandler.sampleevh"





Function Documentation

◆ create()

janus_eventhandler* create ( void  )

◆ janus_sampleevh_destroy()

void janus_sampleevh_destroy ( void  )

◆ janus_sampleevh_get_api_compatibility()

int janus_sampleevh_get_api_compatibility ( void  )

◆ janus_sampleevh_get_author()

const char * janus_sampleevh_get_author ( void  )

◆ janus_sampleevh_get_description()

const char * janus_sampleevh_get_description ( void  )

◆ janus_sampleevh_get_name()

const char * janus_sampleevh_get_name ( void  )

◆ janus_sampleevh_get_package()

const char * janus_sampleevh_get_package ( void  )

◆ janus_sampleevh_get_version()

int janus_sampleevh_get_version ( void  )

◆ janus_sampleevh_get_version_string()

const char * janus_sampleevh_get_version_string ( void  )

◆ janus_sampleevh_handle_request()

json_t * janus_sampleevh_handle_request ( json_t request)

◆ janus_sampleevh_incoming_event()

void janus_sampleevh_incoming_event ( json_t event)

◆ janus_sampleevh_init()

int janus_sampleevh_init ( const char *  config_path)