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20 #ifndef JANUS_RECORD_H
21 #define JANUS_RECORD_H
23 #include <inttypes.h>
24 #include <string.h>
25 #include <stdio.h>
26 #include <stdlib.h>
28 #include "mutex.h"
29 #include "refcount.h"
30 #include "rtp.h"
34 typedef enum janus_recorder_medium {
41 typedef struct janus_recorder {
43  char *dir;
45  char *filename;
47  FILE *file;
49  char *codec;
51  char *fmtp;
53  GHashTable *extensions;
55  gint64 created, started;
61  gboolean encrypted;
63  volatile int header;
65  volatile int writable;
67  volatile int paused;
73  volatile gint destroyed;
81 void janus_recorder_init(gboolean tempnames, const char *extension);
83 void janus_recorder_deinit(void);
92 janus_recorder *janus_recorder_create(const char *dir, const char *codec, const char *filename);
101 janus_recorder *janus_recorder_create_full(const char *dir, const char *codec, const char *fmtp, const char *filename);
106 int janus_recorder_pause(janus_recorder *recorder);
119 int janus_recorder_add_extmap(janus_recorder *recorder, int id, const char *extmap);
126 int janus_recorder_opusred(janus_recorder *recorder, int red_pt);
140 int janus_recorder_save_frame(janus_recorder *recorder, char *buffer, uint length);
144 int janus_recorder_close(janus_recorder *recorder);
147 void janus_recorder_destroy(janus_recorder *recorder);
149 #endif
Semaphors, Mutexes and Conditions.
GMutex janus_mutex
Janus mutex implementation.
Definition: mutex.h:73
int janus_recorder_resume(janus_recorder *recorder)
Resume recording packets.
Definition: record.c:267
int janus_recorder_add_extmap(janus_recorder *recorder, int id, const char *extmap)
Add an RTP extension to this recording.
Definition: record.c:288
void janus_recorder_deinit(void)
De-initialize the recorder code.
Definition: record.c:60
int janus_recorder_encrypted(janus_recorder *recorder)
Mark this recorder as end-to-end encrypted (e.g., via Insertable Streams)
Definition: record.c:309
int janus_recorder_pause(janus_recorder *recorder)
Pause recording packets.
Definition: record.c:259
int janus_recorder_close(janus_recorder *recorder)
Close the recorder.
Definition: record.c:472
int janus_recorder_opusred(janus_recorder *recorder, int red_pt)
Mark this recording as using RED for audio.
Definition: record.c:299
janus_recorder * janus_recorder_create_full(const char *dir, const char *codec, const char *fmtp, const char *filename)
Create a new recorder with additional info.
Definition: record.c:89
Media types we can record.
Definition: record.h:34
Definition: record.h:36
Definition: record.h:35
Definition: record.h:37
int janus_recorder_save_frame(janus_recorder *recorder, char *buffer, uint length)
Save an RTP frame in the recorder.
Definition: record.c:319
void janus_recorder_init(gboolean tempnames, const char *extension)
Initialize the recorder code.
Definition: record.c:46
struct janus_recorder janus_recorder
Structure that represents a recorder.
void janus_recorder_destroy(janus_recorder *recorder)
Destroy the recorder instance.
Definition: record.c:510
janus_recorder * janus_recorder_create(const char *dir, const char *codec, const char *filename)
Create a new recorder.
Definition: record.c:85
Reference counter mechanism.
RTP processing (headers)
Structure that represents a recorder.
Definition: record.h:41
janus_rtp_switching_context context
RTP switching context for rewriting RTP headers.
Definition: record.h:69
volatile gint destroyed
Atomic flag to check if this instance has been destroyed.
Definition: record.h:73
char * filename
Filename of this recorder file.
Definition: record.h:45
char * dir
Absolute path to the directory where the recorder file is stored.
Definition: record.h:43
FILE * file
Recording file.
Definition: record.h:47
janus_mutex mutex
Mutex to lock/unlock this recorder instance.
Definition: record.h:71
volatile int paused
Whether writing s/RTP packets/data is paused.
Definition: record.h:67
janus_refcount ref
Reference counter for this instance.
Definition: record.h:75
char * codec
Codec the packets to record are encoded in ("vp8", "vp9", "h264", "opus", "pcma", "pcmu",...
Definition: record.h:49
gint64 started
Definition: record.h:55
gint64 created
When the recording file has been created and started.
Definition: record.h:55
gboolean encrypted
Whether the recording contains end-to-end encrypted media or not.
Definition: record.h:61
int opusred_pt
In case RED is used for Opus, its payload types.
Definition: record.h:59
GHashTable * extensions
List of RTP extensions (as a hashtable, indexed by ID) in this recording.
Definition: record.h:53
volatile int writable
Whether this recorder instance can be used for writing or not.
Definition: record.h:65
janus_recorder_medium type
Media this instance is recording.
Definition: record.h:57
char * fmtp
Codec-specific info (e.g., H.264 or VP9 profile)
Definition: record.h:51
volatile int header
Whether the info header for this recorder instance has already been written or not.
Definition: record.h:63
Definition: refcount.h:78
RTP context, in order to make sure SSRC changes result in coherent seq/ts increases.
Definition: rtp.h:256