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Data Fields
janus_ice_static_event_loop Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for janus_ice_static_event_loop:
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Data Fields

int id
GMainContext * mainctx
GMainLoop * mainloop
GThread * thread
uint16_t handles
volatile gint destroyed
janus_refcount ref

Field Documentation

◆ destroyed

volatile gint janus_ice_static_event_loop::destroyed

◆ handles

uint16_t janus_ice_static_event_loop::handles

◆ id

int janus_ice_static_event_loop::id

◆ mainctx

GMainContext* janus_ice_static_event_loop::mainctx

◆ mainloop

GMainLoop* janus_ice_static_event_loop::mainloop

◆ ref

janus_refcount janus_ice_static_event_loop::ref

◆ thread

GThread* janus_ice_static_event_loop::thread

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