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Data Fields
janus_sip_account Struct Reference

Data Fields

char * identity
char * user_agent
gboolean force_udp
gboolean force_tcp
gboolean sips
gboolean rfc2543_cancel
char * username
char * display_name
char * authuser
char * secret
janus_sip_secret_type secret_type
int sip_port
char * proxy
char * outbound_proxy
janus_sip_registration_status registration_status

Field Documentation

◆ authuser

char* janus_sip_account::authuser

username to use for authentication

◆ display_name

char* janus_sip_account::display_name

◆ force_tcp

gboolean janus_sip_account::force_tcp

◆ force_udp

gboolean janus_sip_account::force_udp

◆ identity

char* janus_sip_account::identity

◆ outbound_proxy

char* janus_sip_account::outbound_proxy

◆ proxy

char* janus_sip_account::proxy

◆ registration_status

janus_sip_registration_status janus_sip_account::registration_status

◆ rfc2543_cancel

gboolean janus_sip_account::rfc2543_cancel

◆ secret

char* janus_sip_account::secret

◆ secret_type

janus_sip_secret_type janus_sip_account::secret_type

◆ sip_port

int janus_sip_account::sip_port

◆ sips

gboolean janus_sip_account::sips

◆ user_agent

char* janus_sip_account::user_agent

◆ username

char* janus_sip_account::username

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