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text2pcap.h File Reference

Dumping of RTP/RTCP packets to text2pcap or pcap format (headers) More...

#include <glib.h>
#include <inttypes.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "mutex.h"
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Data Structures

struct  janus_text2pcap
 Instance of a text2pcap recorder. More...


typedef struct janus_text2pcap janus_text2pcap
 Instance of a text2pcap recorder.
typedef enum janus_text2pcap_packet janus_text2pcap_packet
 Packet types we can dump.


 Packet types we can dump. More...


const char * janus_text2pcap_packet_string (janus_text2pcap_packet type)
janus_text2pcapjanus_text2pcap_create (const char *dir, const char *filename, int truncate, gboolean text)
 Create a text2pcap recorder.
int janus_text2pcap_dump (janus_text2pcap *instance, janus_text2pcap_packet type, gboolean incoming, char *buf, int len, const char *format,...) G_GNUC_PRINTF(6
 Dump an RTP or RTCP packet.
int int janus_text2pcap_close (janus_text2pcap *instance)
 Close a text2pcap recorder.
void janus_text2pcap_free (janus_text2pcap *instance)
 Free a text2pcap instance.

Detailed Description

Dumping of RTP/RTCP packets to text2pcap or pcap format (headers)

Lorenzo Miniero

Implementation of a simple helper utility that can be used to dump incoming and outgoing RTP/RTCP packets to pcap or text2pcap format. Saving to pcap natively can be more efficient but will lack some features, as the target will be a legacy (v2.4) .pcap file and not a .pcapng one. When saving to a text file, instead, the resulting file can be passed to the text2pcap application in order to get a .pcap or .pcapng file that can be analyzed via Wireshark or similar applications, e.g.:

/usr/sbin/text2pcap -D -n -l 1 -i 17 -u 1000,2000 -t '%H:%M:%S.' dump.txt dump.pcapng
/usr/sbin/wireshark dump.pcapng

While plugins are free to take advantage of this functionality, it's been specifically added to make debugging from the core easier. Enabling and disabling the dump of RTP/RTCP packets for the media traffic of a specific handle is done via the Admin/Monitor API so check the documentation of that section for more details. Notice that starting a new dump on an existing filename will result in the new packets to be appended.

Motivation and inspiration for this work came from a similar effort recently done in Firefox, and from a discussion related to a blog post on WebRTC hacks, where guidelines are provided with respect to debugging based on pcap files.


Typedef Documentation

◆ janus_text2pcap

typedef struct janus_text2pcap janus_text2pcap

Instance of a text2pcap recorder.

◆ janus_text2pcap_packet

Packet types we can dump.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ janus_text2pcap_packet

Packet types we can dump.


Function Documentation

◆ janus_text2pcap_close()

int int janus_text2pcap_close ( janus_text2pcap * instance)

Close a text2pcap recorder.

[in]instanceInstance of the janus_text2pcap recorder to close
0 in case of success, a negative integer otherwise

◆ janus_text2pcap_create()

janus_text2pcap * janus_text2pcap_create ( const char * dir,
const char * filename,
int truncate,
gboolean text )

Create a text2pcap recorder.

If no target directory is provided, the current directory will be used. If no filename is passed, a random filename will be used.
[in]dirPath of the directory to save the recording into (will try to create it if it doesn't exist)
[in]filenameFilename to use for the recording
[in]truncateNumber of bytes to truncate each packet at (0 to not truncate at all)
[in]textWhether we'll save as text, or directly to pcap
A valid janus_text2pcap instance in case of success, NULL otherwise

◆ janus_text2pcap_dump()

int janus_text2pcap_dump ( janus_text2pcap * instance,
janus_text2pcap_packet type,
gboolean incoming,
char * buf,
int len,
const char * format,
... )

Dump an RTP or RTCP packet.

[in]instanceInstance of the janus_text2pcap recorder to dump the packet to
[in]typeType of the packet we're going to dump
[in]incomingWhether this is an incoming or outgoing packet
[in]bufPacket data to dump
[in]lenSize of the packet data to dump
[in]formatFormat for the optional string to append to the line, if any
0 in case of success, a negative integer otherwise

◆ janus_text2pcap_free()

void janus_text2pcap_free ( janus_text2pcap * instance)

Free a text2pcap instance.

[in]instanceInstance of the janus_text2pcap recorder to free

◆ janus_text2pcap_packet_string()

const char * janus_text2pcap_packet_string ( janus_text2pcap_packet type)