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Core implementation of the server. More...

Collaboration diagram for Core:


 Implementations of the WebRTC protocols.


file  apierror.h
 Janus API errors definition.
file  auth.c
 Requests authentication.
file  auth.h
 Requests authentication (headers)
file  config.c
 Configuration files parsing.
file  config.h
 Configuration files parsing (headers)
file  debug.h
 Logging and Debugging.
file  events.c
 Event handler notifications.
file  events.h
 Event handler notifications (headers)
file  ip-utils.c
 IP address related utility functions.
file  ip-utils.h
 IP address related utility functions (headers)
file  janus.c
 Janus core.
file  janus.h
 Janus core (headers)
file  log.c
 Buffered logging.
file  log.h
 Buffered logging (headers)
file  mutex.h
 Semaphores, Mutexes and Conditions.
file  record.h
 Audio/Video recorder.
file  refcount.h
 Reference counter mechanism.
file  sdp-utils.c
 SDP utilities.
file  sdp-utils.h
 SDP utilities (headers)
file  text2pcap.c
 Dumping of RTP/RTCP packets to text2pcap or pcap format.
file  text2pcap.h
 Dumping of RTP/RTCP packets to text2pcap or pcap format (headers)
file  utils.h
 TURN REST API client.
file  utils.c
 Utilities and helpers.
file  version.h
 Janus GitHub versioning (headers)

Detailed Description

Core implementation of the server.

The Janus WebRTC Server is founded on a core that glues the involved parts together. The main code is janus.c that implements the logic behind the server itself: it implements the web server that interacts with browsers, and handles sessions with them. This includes taking care of media signalling and negotiation, and bridging peers with available plugins.